Nootropics – Everything You Need To Know

The truth is, Nootropics are quite the hot topic in 2015. If you read the news, and are keeping up to date on what’s happening in the world of technology you’ll notice a greater and greater number of entrepreneurs hyping the benefits of this new, emergent industry. The Nootropics industry.

To put it into basic terms, Nootropics are drugs that improve the mental performance of the consumer in a metrically verifiable way. In other words, if you take Nootropics, you can think more easily, focus more and complete complex mental tasks with less mental effort. It’s kind of like the movie Limitless, except not quite as cool.

Nootropics are generally digested orally, in the form of powders or pills. They can be bought online and depending on the Nootropic chosen offer a range of benefits. The most popular type of Nootropic is the Racetam family, which includes Oxiracetam, Piracetam, Pramiracetam and Noopept. These ‘Racetams’ are light stimulants, which help the user concentrate for extended periods of time and can even improve working memory. For this reason they have recently become more popular with computer programmers, writers and even students who wish to give their brain a boost at times of difficult.

Nootropics, thankfully, have been proven to be relatively safe when compared to any other recreationally ingested substance. The Racetams have been shown to be none-physically addictive, to have very minor short term side effects and to be generally devoid of any lasting effects. For this reason, they are one of the safest chemicals you can take, and also have some of the most powerful and truly interesting effects.

If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Although Nootropics have a strong effect on the user they will not turn an idiot into Einstein. What they can do is help provide a competitive advantage to people who wish to sharpen their thinking and give themselves a real boost ahead of say, an exam period of programming sprint.

If you want more information on Nootropics or wish to buy Nootropics online be sure to check out the abundance of articles currently available online.

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Research Chemicals And The Rise Of Ethylphenidate

As the research chemical industry continues to thrive it’s important to get to know those chemicals that are taking the niche industry by storm. In particular, Ethylphenidate has been on everybodies lips with it’s unique properties causing it to become exceptionally successful with new researchers are experienced researchers alike.

What Is Ethylphenidate?

Quite simply it is Ethylphenidate. A chemical not dissimilar to Ritalin with a similar chemical structure but also it’s own unique properties that make it it’s distinct own compound. A mild stimulant it acts on the brains dopamine and noropriniphine reuptake causing the brain to retain more of the those chemicals and therefore greatly elevating happiness, mood and the desire to do things and go out.

Ethylphenidate is a powerful chemical, and not one to be taken lightly. With cases of abuse rife and many people consuming the product it is important to read terms and conditions on vendors websites and take their notice that you should not consume the chemical. Instead it should be used for research purporses, if you stick to those guidelines you will be fine and not get your self in trouble.

What Is The Cost?

Anywhere from ten to twenty pounds per gram is a regular price for EP but bear in mind that quality of the product may vary. Be sure to contact the seller before purchasing and even request a sample if you are concerned it could be sub par in terms of quality. Sellers who are slow to respond or seem fishy during correspondence should be avoided at all cost.

Is It Legal?

Ethylphenidate is legal in the UK at the moment. However other legal jurisdictions may vary so using online resources to ascertain the legality of the chemical before ordering is of paramount important in the world of research chemistry.

Anyway that’s about all I have to say on the matter currently but for more information on Ethylphenidate check back on the blog!

Herbal Blends & Research Chemicals

One popular niche within the industry has been herbal blends.

Many of the popular herbal blends will mixed dry herbs such as Marshmallow leaf and Damiana, with cannabinoids and occassionally other potent chemicals in order to create psychostimulant effects. Typically priced at 10-20 pounds per thee grams brands such as Spice have come to dominate the market in herbal blends within the industry.

Interestingly they are still legal in the vast majority of the world with the exception of the more hard line drug countries such as USA, Australia and New Zealand where tough analogue laws have rendered the research chemical market obsolete and lurking in the shadows of legality.

We very much encourage people who are interested in research chemicals and who wish to to read up on the effects of herbal blends, as they can range from subtle mood enhancers to strong psycho stimulants that can induce hallucinations amongst their user base. 

Please good herbal blends and their ingredients to ensure you aren’t ingesting something dangerous when researching these online.


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Herbal Blends & Research Chemicals

Herbal blends are always a hot topic in the world of research chemicals. Often associate with effects similar to those of Cannabis due to the inclusion of Cannabinoids the huge range of Herbal Blends can often be overwhelming to the novice researcher. By knowing exactly what is in your blend you can overcome this issue and ensure you only deal with high quality and safe herbal blends.

One of the best currently on the market is a powerful blend of dried herbs and cannabinoids which has been well received by the research chemical markets. Available in 3 and 6g packets it’s low cost and high power is the reason for it’s success.

There are many differently cannabinoids often creating similar experience to THC the naturally occuring chemical in the Cannabis plant leaves. However Cannabinoids are completely legal except for in America where the analogue laws instantly illegalise any substance that has a similar chemical composition to an already illegal substance.

For those people who want to it is important to thoroughly research, that is what this blog is for.

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Caffeine Tablets

Caffeine is a research chemical that has been around for a long time. Users of tea and coffee are very aware of it’s stimulating properties and performance enhancing effects. However as well as the ‘perk’ of many peoples morning caffeine has powerful properties that are often utilized elsewhere.

Caffeine is often mixed with paracetamol in over the counter flu remedies as it helps the body process the paracetamol and increases it’s efficacy. It is also sometimes used in energy drinks with taurine as a powerful way to boost user’s mood.

In the world of research chemicals Caffeine is usually blended with other chemicals to bolster their effects. Both in powder form and tablet form it’s powerful properties are well recognized and popular. People looking to should be aware of these properties when ordering their caffeine.

As well as this it has often been mixed with ethylphenidate in order to create a powerful psychostimulant. Be sure to research carefully with these chemicals as long term side effects are unknown and occassionally people may dislike the effects.

Ethylphenidate & the world of research chemicals

In the world of research chemicals, Ethylphenidate has caused quite a stir. Over the last couple of years it has risen to become one of the most popular research chemicals around, responsible for a noticeable surge in the online Research Chemical landscape.

Available as both a fine white powder, and occassionally in pill and tablet form EP or Ethylphenidate as it is referred to, is popular due to  it neurologicals effects. Essential Ethylphenidate is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor causing it to increase dopamine levels in the brain, elevating mood, alertness and concentration in users.

In terms of chemical make up it is remarkably similar to Ritalin. Ritalin is Methylphenidate so compositionally it is extremely close to EP with many similarities in effects. Ethylphenidate is available to buy for low prices, and people can at a variety of places.

Research chemicals are legal however must not be marketed for human consumption. For this reason many retailers have stopped stocking research chemicals.

EP or Ethylphenidate is usually produced in labs in South East Asia and Europe. Researchers should ensure they only purchase high purity Ethylphenidate when making orders online.